Someone created an Angry Birds video game clone using only AI

Screenshot of the game Angry Pumpkins

For Halloween, a developer has created the game “Angry Pumpkins”, reminiscent of the famous game Angry Birds (ah, nostalgia). The twist? This game was exclusively crafted using the artificial intelligences of Midjourney, DALL-E 3, and GPT-4!

As explained by the author, Javi Lopez, in his tweets, the game’s “development” underwent two phases: creating graphical elements and generating its code.

For graphics, the developer relied on the integration of DALL-E 3 within GPT-4 for generating the start screen. Interestingly, he even shared the prompts used (natural language requests addressed to the AIs) to achieve his chosen result for the game.

Rest assured, even though he humorously states that any resemblance would be coincidental, the name “Angry Birds” is indeed mentioned in his requests. ๐Ÿ˜‰

All other game elements, including backgrounds, characters, and objects, were generated using Midjourney’s AI. Each of these items has its own prompt which, admittedly, requires a careful choice of words or a deep understanding of these AIs.

Notably, the author specializes in creating prompts for image-generating AIs (primarily Midjourney) and even offers paid packs for generating ultra-realistic images reminiscent of video games or various illustration styles.

Returning to our grumpy pumpkins, the source code generated by GPT-4 is contained within a single 600-line JavaScript file, which the developer claims he hasn’t touched at all.

The code works with the matter.js and p5.js libraries. While the former provides a 2D rigid body simulation engine, the latter aims to make visual media creation with code accessible to artists and designers.

As the author elaborates in his tweets, adopting an iterative approach proved essential to get the game working step by step. While adding “Angry Birds” like features, he also leveraged the AI for debugging, directly feeding it error messages.

The impressive result is available online for those who wish to try the game. It even has an “Editor” mode allowing you to add various objects and creatures. However, as of writing this article, the game isn’t mobile compatible.

While this is an AI triumph, it’s probable GPT-4 succeeded because numerous similar projects exist (focused on Angry Birds) across various blogs, GitHub repos, and YouTube videos (Google says so).

Still, the output remains remarkable, showcasing the massive time-saving potential of AIs, whether for quickly setting up a demo or creating your clone of an existing (open-source) project.

Play Angry Pumpkins

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