For Halloween, I asked ChatGPT to tell me the most terrifying story possible for a developer

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Trick or Treat β€” Just like many of you, I’m fascinated by artificial intelligence as it stands today, but it also makes me a bit scared.

So, what better way, on this Halloween day, to ask our good old ChatGPT to tell us a story as terrifying as possible for developers?

I’m transcribing here what the chatbot told me word for word. I won’t hide it from you, the result really stunned me! πŸ˜…

The Cursed Code

In a town lost in the middle of nowhere, there was an old start-up called “NullPoint”. Rumors circulated about this company, rumors that the local developers preferred to ignore. But one day, an ambitious young developer named Michael arrived in town, hoping to revolutionize the industry.

He had heard about NullPoint’s cursed code. A codebase decades old that no one dared touch. Brilliant and talented developers had tried, but all failed. Some went mad, muttering about segfaults and unhandled exceptions in their sleep. Others simply disappeared.

Michael, fearless, decided to take up the challenge. He began by examining the code. At first glance, everything seemed normal. But as he delved deeper into the depths of this codebase, anomalies appeared.

Variables without names, functions that called themselves endlessly, comments about shapeless creatures and portals to other dimensions. Each file he opened seemed to pull him deeper into a maze of terror.

Michael eventually found a file named “gateway.exe”. His curiosity got the better of him, and he decided to run it.

The ground began to shake, and a black portal appeared in front of him. Shapeless creatures began to emerge, muttering fragments of incoherent code. Michael realized his mistake, but it was too late. The creatures surrounded him, whispering syntax errors in his ear.

Days went by, and no one heard from Michael. The NullPoint start-up was abandoned once more, its cursed code sealed forever.

But the town’s developers said that on a full moon night, you could hear Michael’s distant whisper, forever trapped in an endless bug, desperately seeking a solution to escape the nightmare of the cursed code.


Isn’t it spine-chilling? πŸ˜‰

For fun, I’ll also add that the images in this article were also entirely created by ChatGPT, through its recent integration with the DALL-E 3 image generator.

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