Celebrating 100,000 Facebook likes: a major redesign for The coding love

Hello World!

As you might notice today, The coding love’s website had a major design update, leaving for good its original old look unchanged since it has been launched, back in 2013 when Tumblr blogs were cool. That update follows the recent rise in popularity of the website’s Facebook page, which recently reached the 100,000 likes milestone!

You will now be able to enjoy The coding love’s daily posts directly from your mobile with a sweet and minimalist responsive design and highly reduced loading times.

As you might see with your advised developers eyes, the website has some direct references to our daily lives, I sincerely hope that you’ll like this new version of The coding love as much as I do. Feel free to let me know what you think about it!

It’s time for The coding love to keep getting bigger, thank you all for being part of this terrific adventure!